I do not know how to record with ALBA RDVD1006 dvd recorder

I have had a ALBA RDVD1006 dvd recorder for a week now and still have not got a clue how to use it to record, the instructions might as well be in chinese.
I have set it all up like the diagramme shows, it will play a ordinary dvd but other than that it says “no signal” and then “paused for no stable video check connection” and as for setting it up to record i have no idea.
I know i sound so thick but please could anybody help a “typical woman” who
has not got a clue?

You need to tune it in to the TV stations in your area before you can receive any picture to record. There should be an ‘Auto Setup’ or Auto Tune’ procedure in the manual, or perhaps an option in the on-screen menu…

Alba seems to be some weird cheapass brand that usually sells their crap in the United Kingdom. There is no website, no company profile or anything else found on Google.

I got as far as auto tune but it is still hopeless. Know what you mean about Alba there is no help through web site or any answers on google.

Chocface, please could you explain in more detail how far you got and what you managed to achieve. Do you mean you found auto-tune, set it running and that it was successful? Does the recorder detect the available channels and is receiving them?

I have now managed to tune it in and even recorded a few things ( not tried using the timer that will be another problem no doubt !)
My concern now is that although i have the main channels two of them are not tuned in properly and not very clear. Have tried to do it with the “modify channel” but no good.
Other problem is cannot tune into my freeview channels, no idea how to do that.

For getting your channels spot on, there should be a ‘Fine tune’ feature where you can switch to a channel and then just increase or decrease the tuner by a small amount.

For the Freeview tuning, does the recorder have a Freeview digital tuner, or do you have a separate Freeview box?

Have tried the fine tune feature when on the 2 main channel but does not make much difference yet works fine on other 3 channels.
My freeview is a separate box.
Thank you for your help so far and getting back so quickly.

Hmmm… maybe the signal is not very good in your area. Have you noticed a problem before with just the TV reception?

For the Freeview, you will need to connect the separate Freeview box to the DVD recorder somehow. Usually this is by a SCART cable, and should go from the box to the external input on the recorder. Then you select this external input on the recorder using the remote as if you were changing channels (usually it’s a channel called ‘EXT’ or something).

Have now managed every thing freeview and even the timer, still problem with the fine tune, don’t have problem with tv normally as it is a new tv.
Will get onto manufacturer again tomorrow.

Me again,
Getting nowhere fast with help line they tell me to plug main ariel into dvd recorder not freeview box ,which was no help what so ever.
So i am back with same problem only one station with a clear picture when running through DVD recorder.
My tv normally works fine with very clear picture as every thing is new.Have tried re- scanning every thing and fine tuning the frequency its hopeless. :sad: :sad: :sad:

sometimes you get 2 tv channels the same but different frequencies (channel) as i get some channels lower down, in the 30’s, but my area is in the 50’s. lol, my explaination doesn’t sound good, so you may have to search for more channel higher or lower that the ones you found.

if my brother was here, he’d explain it better as he’s the tv engineer of the family :bigsmile:

Yes, you need the aerial running to the Freeview box, then there should be an ‘AERIAL OUT’ socket on this which you need to connect with an aerial cable to your DVD recorder ‘AERIAL IN’. Then this also needs to be connected from the DVD recorder ‘AERIAL OUT’, to the TV ‘AERIAL IN’.

Aerial -> Freeview Box -> DVD recorder -> TV

Then tune the DVD recorder to the 5 terrestrial channels, which it will receive via the connection from the Freeview box.

As well as this aerial cable chain (called a loopthrough), you’ll still need the SCART connection from the Freeview box to the DVD recorder EXT IN socket, as that’s how you’ll be able to view (and record) the Freeview channels.

I assume your Freeview box is tuned in already?

Every thing set up now although got a picture on every channel including freeview( which by the way is the clearest of them all) just wondered if there is something which i can buy to improve the picture on ITV and BBC 1.Different scart or type of booster for example ?

You can try a TV signal booster, but whilst it may help the analogue reception (to your DVD recorder), unless it’s mounted way up near the aerial masthead it might make the signal to the Freeview box worse. I know - it’s crazy like that :rolleyes:

It’s a bit puzzling why your TV receives BBC1 and ITV all right but the recorder doesn’t - considering they’re both using the same aerial connection. I wouldn’t like to advise you to go and spend money for no good reason, but if all fine adjustments fail then Maplins sell a plug-in aerial booster that has an adjustable gain that you could try.

Think i might have solved the problem by buying a new scart lead it is now only BBC1 that i can not tune in perfectly ( I get a pictue but there are still annoying lines running across it)Have decided to just put up with it now, perhaps it is because it is only one of the cheaper makes.
I would just like to say thank you imkidd57 for all your help.

No problem. It’s interesting that changing the SCART cable affected the aerial reception. Actually, I remember now that sometimes you can get interference generated by the cross-talk between cables if their insulation isn’t good quality.

One other thing you could try is to keep the cables as far away from each other as possible, and uncoil any loops that sometimes occur behind the back of all this equipment.