I did it ! Finaly

[I]Well i did it !!!

I went to my local store and got myself an 812S :wink:

:bow: LiteON DVDRW - SOHW-812S VUS01 :bow:

Flashing to latest firmware in a sec ad gonna try my first
DVD data disk but only @ 2x co’s i have only got 2x -R disk’s :eek:

Nero drive speed reports my read speed @ 62x ?
Other than that seems to be fine reading and writing DVD’s.

Will post any other useful info if there is any to post …[/I]

Congrats! Mine was just delivered yesterday and I am very happy with it. I am achieving amazing results.

Erm, anything special about this ?


Originally posted by Crockett
[B]Erm, anything special about this ?

(Congratz2) [/B]

[I]Nope nothing special !!
It’s only the best LiteON Drive available :slight_smile:

J/k, But it is a great drive so far, Not a single problem
And i would recomend one to anyone …[/I]

Lets see some scans from it… Please…


Originally posted by VB9999
[B]Lets see some scans from it… Please…

VB9999 [/B]

[I]Ok mate which ones you wanna see :confused:

At the mo i’ve only got -R 2X :bow: And some normal
cdr & cdrw’s co’s im skint for a while :bigsmile:

But i’ll have a go with anything for now :stuck_out_tongue: co’s i’ve
got some data to write and 2 dvd’s to backup for
the kids, Co’s im sick of em wrecking originals …[/I]

Wow, your enthusiasm put a smile on my face.

I want to see some 812 to NEC 2500A comparisons. At this point, I’m leaning toward the 2500A if I buy another drive in the near future. 8X - writing doesn’t concern me much since we don’t even have the media yet, and by the time we do the + media will probably be as cheap or cheaper than the - media anyway.