I did DVD shrink, now how do I DVD-R the files?

I need serious help because I am a newbius maximus.

I ripped and compressed the contents of a DVD using DVDShrink, and the files were stored in my C: drive as 5 different files (one of them a MDS file and the other 4 (one gig each) were I00, I01, I02, and I04 files) I then burned them using nero to a DVD-R and when I stuck it in my DVD player it couldn’t read the disk…Help me! I am in serious newb trouble! It seemed as all was well until I hit this bump, of course.

Still Just a Newb

does the dvd play on your computer??? make of dvd player??? media you used and brand of burner??? more info please???

dvd shrink will normally prompt you to automatically save the ripped dvd files into an AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders. anyway, i am not sure how you got what you did - or exactly what type of files you now have, otherwise i would just suggest you put your files into an folder called VIDEO_TS then burn that folder as data to a DVD. let us know what extensions your ripped files have please.

DVD shrink has stored the files ready for burning with DVD Decryptor on a FAT32 drive & has had to split the files into 1GB chunks.

Use [b]DVDdecryptor[/b] (It's free) from http://www.dvddecrypter.com/index.php?act=download in ISO mode to write the files to DVD-R.

DVD decryptor will ask where the [b].mds[/b] file is. Just point it to the right place & away you go ;)

Unfortunately, I don’t believe nero wil recognise multi-part ISO’s (DVD images), although you can try by clicking (in main nero window) File->open image->*.iso

Next time you decide to DVDshrink a DVD, make sure you select “Burn with nero”, rather than store to image :wink: