I desperatly need help CD-RW not being recognised by XP

I am operating windows XP Pro and about a month ago my CD-RW drive just stopped working and is nolonger recognised on my system, it was a Sony drive but thinking it had broken i had it swapped over for a newer cyber drive. I know this drive works because i also have Linux installed on my system and it works with that OS. I have checked cables etc and all is well on that front. When i go to device manager it lists the drive by name but has a little yellow circle with a black ! mark in it. The drive reads a disc when i boot up but will simply not appear listed in my drive directory or initiate auto-run on discs which feature it. I have uninstalled it then reinstalled but get a message at the end saying ‘Windows successfully installed the device driver for this hardware but could not find the hardware device (code 41)’ does anyone know what this means or can tell me how to fix it? I am at my wits end. I need my cd drive to work so i can install SP2 because for some reason it will not download onto my system from windows update.

try this>

You may access the system registry by running the Registry Editor. To do that, simply go Start>Run and type “regedit” in the Run dialog box.

Once you are in the registry editor, you can navigate through the registry as you would for a regular windows directory.

To access the two specified keys, click on the following folders situated on the left hand side, in the specified order.

{4D36E965-E325 -11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Once you have opened the last folder, you should see two keys on the right hand side (“Upperfilters” and “Lowerfilters”) which you may select and then delete by right clicking and selecting “Delete”.

Alternatively, you could search for these keys instead of manually navigating to their locations. To do so, go Edit>Find and type either “Upperfilters” or “Lowerfilters” in the search field.

If you are unable to find these registry keys, it may be that they do not exist on your system. In such a case, this fix will probably not work for you.

Ok i managed to find both upperfilters and lowerfilters but got an error message saying that the lowerfilters could not be deleted (upperfilters were successfully deleted) I rebooted my system and the drives F:/ (previously designated CD-RW allocation) and G:/ (previously Virtual drive allocation) are now listed in My computer list. But it is not assosiating itself with F:/ being the CD-RW drive and is still not recognising the CD drive at all. It said i needed to format the disk so i did and i think it is now an extra storage drive if i even have another in my system ??? both the F:/ and G:/ are now nameing themselves ‘Local Disk’ then their designated letter in brackets. I once again looked in device manager and the cd drive is listed but still has the yellow circle with the black ! in it. Everytime i boot up it says it has found new harware, the CD-RW so i install it and it gives me the same message about not being able to find the harware. Any other suggestions? At least your first suggesation got the F:/and G:/ designated drive names visible on my system again, it’s a start and progress at last! thank-you

ok forget waht i wrote before, i went through the steps u suggested again and now the drive is woking…thanks

:)…works every time