I deleted my xbox dashboard help!

ok being stupid as i am i installed a softmod onto my xbox without making a backup of the original dashboard first. :sad: please could someone send me a link to where i can download it again or tell me where to find it. i would really be grateful. :bow:

EDIT: btw it was the splinter cell exploit.

Couple options:
Does the xbox still boot games? If so, boot up the exploit, and install UXE Complete from “the usual places”. Your xbox will be fine. UnleashX has memory card/save management. To get your dash back, you could cold-boot a live-enabled game (SC should work, actually), connect the xbox to a network, and select LIVE, the latest dashboard will install.

get Slayers AutoInstaller disc, and extract the contents with QWIX. The original dash files are in side a c:\ folder somewhere.
which softmod did you install? The SC exploit is just an access point. Did you use Krayzie’s UXE, NDure, a crappy old font exploit, what?

um i did the same thing this guy did but i dont understand what u said it doesnt work

:sad: I have the same problem with my xbox I deleate my original dashborad but i can play games in to my xbox but without dashboard and I try conect my xbox to a network conection for install the original dashboard like you say and I can’t conect because when I try that my xbox say in the tv something like need fix my xbox and I can’t understand why say that if I lost my last dashboard (evox) and right now my xbox is working without that supost to be!!

Please if somebody can explain me what happend, I would be grateful!! :bow:

Get the Slayer or AID disk, boot from that and reinstall the dashboard. Or create your own boot disk with th required dash files (evoxdash.xbe and evox.ini) plus with a file manager program and boot from that. Then simply copy the 2 files (evoxdash.xbe and exox.ini) to your Xbox C drive, and that’s it.

regards, Stephen

Ok stephen!!

Thank sou much for your instructions is very interesant but I have other problem, for real when I try to conect my xbox to my computer I can’t enter in the sistem or hasd disk of my xbox and I using the progran Flashfxp for do the port like FPT between my xbox and my computer!

and other think is, I can’t understand why I can still play copy games in my xbox if I lost my dashboard (Evox)!

Please if you can give me more instructions I would be so grateful!!



To have access to your Xbox via FTP you have to install the dashboard as the original M$ dash does not allow it. Without the dashboard you cannot connect to the Xbox. (and the evox.ini contains the IP address which you have to connect to, it can be edited manually anyway)

Xbox games have nothing to do with Evox itself. Evox is a dashboard and you can play games without it, the only thing is needed to play backups is either a chip in your xbox or a softmod. You probably confuse Evox BIOS with Evox dashboard, these are two different things.

regards, Stephen

yes, I did it!!

I confused the dashboard!

But If i can’t enter in the sistem of my xbox via ftp with my computer how I can install the original dashboard onto my xbox?

That is the thing I can’t understand, if I can’t enter in my xbox How I can do that?

Plaese let me know if you know that!

thanks a lot!

As said, google for Slayer’s or Auto Installer Deluxe disk and burn any of these onto a DVD-R and boot from it. You can install the Evox dashboard then. As it is once installed, you can access the Xbox via FTP. I cannot tell you the place where to get any of these “boot disks”, as this is not a warez related board… :slight_smile:

regards, Stephen

one hint, if you have evoxdash.xbe and evox.ini on your pc, then rename evoxdash.xbe to default.xbe, edit the IP addess in evox.ini, run SimpleX (can be found at http://www.xbox-hq.com/html/modules.php?name=Xbox_Homebrew) and generate an ISO, then burn this ISO onto a CD-RW, boot from it, and there is your evox. FTP to your Xbox, transfer the evoxdash.xbe and evox.ini (and the skins and trainers if wish) to your Xbox and you’re done.

Setephen, thank so much for that informartion I get it the slayer’s right now and is guanderful but i don’t know what happen now with my xbox because i put the dvd with the slayer’s in my xbox and when I was watching the options in the menu in my salyer and when i take the option for restar the xbox and the xbox is coming up i can’t enter in anythink and I can’t play any kind of game original or copy and the disk auto installer is not working now why is happend that?

Please help my more!!!

To be honest I have no clue what happened… what is the problem now ? Do you get any error message or ? What happens when you try to start an original game ?

regards, Stephen

the problem right now is I can’t play any kind of games original or copy and when I put onto my xbox the slayer’s auto installer is the same when I turn in on in the sreen of my tv the only think I can see is one message saying “your xbox need asistens tecnic call the xbox company for fix it” and thos message have the number 5 in the left side, is the same message when I was tryng to concect my xbox online but when I was doing that the number in the message is 21!!

for real I think my xbox is died may be I can’t fix it because I can’t conect to my computer via fpt and I don;t know how do somethink fior fix it!!

For real stephen thanks a lot and sorry about this but if you have other way for do somethink please let me know!!

Thank so much!!!

Error 5 means you unlocked your HDD with Slayer. It’s an important thing but you should have locked it again before you restarted the Xbox. :frowning: Don’t worry, your Xbox is still working. Chipped machines with the chip enabled handle the Xbox HDD locked or unlocked so it does not matter. The only thing I am not sure is whether you Xbox is chipped or softmoded as if it’s chipped then it can be locked easily. Unfortunatelly if that was softmoded and you unlocked the HDD then you need a REAL chip to lock it again. Unfortunatelly unlocked drives cannot be (easily) softmodded again, so a real chip would be needed to make things easier.

regards, Stephen

Ok, Stephen if you say my xbox is still working I can relax but how I can fix it because my xbox had softmod not real chip!!!

Please what I need to do right know for fix it because that is truth I unlocked the HDD (I know, I am very stupid) but I was thinking if I unlocked the HDD I would can enter in the xbox via fpt but not I can’t!!

Please Stephen let me know man what can I do!!

I am worry for my xbox my little xbox :sad: :sad: :sad:

Mate, you should have said that your Xbos is softmoded for the 1st time. Then I’d have warned you NOT to unlock the drive, as this way you’re in a little trouble. As I said many times, you cannot access the HDD as the original M$ dash locks the FTP port, and you need an alternative dashboard (evox, avalaunch, anything else) that unlocks the FTP port and then you can access the Xbox and its HDD via FTP. You did a bad step, as you did not installed any dash, but unlocked the HDD which was a VERY bad idea especially with a softmod. You now need to get a chip unfortunatelly. You can create the Xbox partition on your HDD using a PC (but as it is not locked the Xbox will not recognise that) and lock it into another Xbox (that has a BIOS with the original HDD keys embedded) but this solution needs another Xbox, a modchip and some technical knowledge. The other solution is to install a real modchip (10 usd plus some soldering) and that will solve all your problems. Unfortunatelly softmod is quite a problematic solution when you delete the dash and do not know what to do, as in the end it costs more than a real chip.

regards, Stephen

pS: another solution might be IF YOU backed up your Xbox bios/eeprom (hddkey) then you can lock the HDD with a PC using that key.

well stephen I made the back up of my xbox bios/eeprom before unlock the hdd but I don’t know how conect my xbox with my pc via ftp because when i try that with flashftp program I can’t and supost to be the IP of my xbox is and the password is xbox and I did everything like in the program say for make that conection but I can’t everytime the program flashftp says can not conect with the server!!

And If I buy Other hard disk for my xbox if probably can work again or not?

Because the bios in my xbox is working and the back up of the hdd I did it but I don’t know what I do now!!!

No matter if you buy a new HDD it cannot help as you cannot lock it neither, except with a chip or in a PC if you know the HDD key. (as your old HDD is unlocked, now you can connect it to your PC IDE controller, and with a special tool you can mount the Xbox partition, so if the backup is on the HDD you can read it and learn the HDD lock code) To be honest, the easiest thing for you would be a chip. Don’t bother trying to connect via FTP, unless you lock the HDD and the Xbox works normally, there is NO chance to connect to the Xbox at the current state… :frowning: So, as said you either buy a chip and solder that in, or somehow learn the unlock code, lock the HDD and rebuild the whole C partition of your Xbox HDD.

regards, Stephen

stephen one question more where are you live because if you want I can send you my HDD and I can pay you for that and you lock it again but if you want and if you can of course let know what about this!!


I need help someone please help me i deleted my evodash.xbe i tryed to erase it n when i turn on my xbox i get error 21 but i can play real xbox games so can someone help me

i dont know how to burn slayer or were to get it i need help i will be really thank full

Ok “top Shotta89” That’s very simple to fix it, you have to ways:

1-copy in one cd or dvd rw the slayer’s autoinstaller V 2.5 or 2.6 and put in the dvd rom or your xbox and look for the oprtion in the software for fix dashboard but not format don’t touch that section!!

2-and this option is make a hot swap bettween xbox-xbox but the other xbox you need is working good and if you know how do that you can finish for yourself!

If you need more help let me know!!!

Emmanuel Reck