I Damaged My 24102b!HELP!HELP!HELP!

hello guys!

I have a problem.
flash my liteon 24102b Drive with the xsu1.bin firmware.
it is now damaged. it is out of order.
i m so stupid.
the LED shine’s unbrokable.
and my computer it’s fozen on the boot screen.
i don’t have any possibility to flash the drive again.
please help me!!!
is there any way to flash original firmware???

thanks a lot


Why do you people not read before doing such things?

Get a 24102B firmware file and reflash again. Follow the bad-flash-recovery instructions in the mtkflash guide.

Where do I get a new 24102B flash file?
I cant find my 24102b burner in bios og in windows xp!
The only firmware I can find have to be run under windows… so… what to do?
And yes… I forgot to backup as well… :confused:


thank you alexone for the tip.
it is ok with my liteon.
i read the bad flashing unit and the drive works.

I was looking for the way to flash back to 5s59.
with 5s5a, my 24102b couldn’t burn 10x cd-rw disk.