I could use advice on a DL DVD Burner

I’m suffering from information overload since browsing through the forum. I’m in need of a DL DVD burner, preferably under $75 and black in color, that will be used for backing up my dvd, music and game library. I’ve been searching to buy a BenQ DW1640 but have had no luck finding one. I was looking at a NEC 3550A but was unsure of the qualitity of this model. Any advice on a comparable DVD burner to the DW1640?

Thanks in advance!

the NEC is great, personally i prefer it over my BENQ 1640

If you are in the US go to Newegg.com!

Asus 1608P2

I know the review was not the best but I have been very happy with a Memorex 16X16 dl burner. I have yet to make a coaster with it and it is fast. I just bought a Sony 810A but have not got it hooked up in my new system yet. The Memorex has a stylish black and silver front. 75.00US

Thanks for the info. I’m probably going to pick up the BenQ 1650 when it comes out in March.

The Memorex is likely a NEC and the Sony is a BenQ, if you want to save money and buy the cheaper, identical products from their original manufacturers.