I Copied The Sims Unleashed

I’ve done it using my usual setup on my wife’s PC:


Reader: Toshiba SD-M 1502 DVD
Writer: LG GCE-8320B

I read & write @ 2x, just because I’m anal that way.

Copy worked perfectly.



turned on email notification :slight_smile:

The Toshiba 1502 cannot read at 2x. The lowest available speed for this drive is
(1) 1x CLV for audio+subchannel
(2) 4x-10x CAV for anything else.

2x reading is not possible…

do you play the disk in the toshiba? because i backed up total soccer man sd2 ver 2.8 the it worked in my toshiba 1402 but not in any other drives

Thanks to Cyn - look here

Currently, Toshiba SD-M 1502 are the only readers I have in my PCs at home.

I have beaten 2.80.10 using the tip with Discdump and Nero.:slight_smile:
Clonecd will not work.
Using Liteon 24/10/32s

noyb1 success with a Plex + FireBurner here

Made a discdump from already copied cd (ccd4010) with Ltd 163, burned with nero (5582) 48x liteon,
Game play’s in all cd stations now.