I contacted Fujifilm about their POS DVD+Rs

I wonder what type of response I will get. I basically said how utterly horrible these discs are. I can understand them just being cheap, low quality +R’s that just play bad and don’t last a long time, but they are far worse. They burn at 2.4x yet they are rated at 16x. Even when successfully burned at 2.4x, the drive which JUST burnt the disc cannot even recognize it is in the drive. It won’t play, let alone be recognized on any DVD player in my house, yet I know atleast 2 of them support DVD+R’s. Say what you will about just chalking it up in the loss column and getting some new media, but I am pissed. I did not spend 14.99 just to piss it down the drain. I asked for some sort of reimbursement because of my inability to return them to BestBuy (atleast 8 have been used in attempts to solve problem) and my lack of receipt.

I wonder what they will do to help me. Probably not even respond. :a Sorry for the rant I am just really upset right now. How can they produce and market and sell a DVD+R that doesn’t even play on a fairly high end drive (Pioneer DVR-K15).

what’s the media ID on the media you complained about? were they actually Fuji’s dvds? very few Fuji branded DVDs are actually made by fuji.

also do you have the latest firmware for your drive? that can have a lot to do with what speeds are supported for what media.

few standalone players are compatible with DVD+R. most will tolerate -R or ROM. DVD+Rs can be booktyped to DVD-ROM if your burner is capable to make them more compatible with a wider array of players.

They are prodisc R05. It doesn’t matter to me if they are actually Fuji DVDs, they marketed and sold them, so I go to them with the problem.

Yes, I have firmware 1.11 for the K15. DVDInfoPro even says the only write speed available for these pieces of crap is 2.4x. Nothing to do with the drive.

Actually, something like 85% of set tops tolerate +Rs and I know that 2 of mine do. Even if they didn’t, my drive reads and writes +Rs, so it should atleast work on that. I have not tried changing the booktype. If you could guide me in the process I would be grateful. I use Nero

Thanks. Sorry if I sound harsh, trust me, it’s not directed at you.

i have no idea what kind of drive you have (K15 means nothing ot me) so I don’t know if your drive supports bitsetting. check the manufacturer’s website for that information.

if your players support +R then you should be able to paly it…I’ll concede that point.


it’s not fuji’s (or even prodisc’s) fault that you can’t burn those discs at 16x. if the firmware for your drive doesn’t support it, it doesn’t support it.

your playback troubles are most likely due to the fact that you’re burning 16x media at 2.4x. burning that far below the rated speed is likely to cause problems. If your drive has poor firmware support for this media then you won’t be able to burn at the rated speed.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t complain to fuji, but you might want to shoot an angry email to your drive manufacturer as well for not providing adequate firmware support.

Your burner and its lack of firmware support for the media is to blame, not the media itself. Be upset with Pioneer for not supporting the media code, and in the future buy 8x media for your 8x burner for best results.


but i still think Fuji should get a firm talking-to about the scarcity of their MIJ media haha

Well I see all of your points. I guess what I am going to do is just retire what is left of the spindle to some far away place and hopefully use them once another firmware update is released. They are 16x so they won’t be outdated if I just wait it out with them. And hey, maybe I will forget about them and then stumble upon 40 blank DVD+R’s. I love that feeling.

I will probably go back to BestBuy or maybe even the Target that is 10 seconds from my house tomorrow to see a nice alternative. Thanks for the responses though!

PS: Yeah, yesterday I sent an email to Pioneer about updating the firmware.

upon looking up “K15” this is the pioneer drive, right? i don’t think your burner supports 16X at all

Oh I know it doesn’t. It’s 8x. I only bought these discs because they were so bloody cheap. 14.99 for 50. I couldn’t pass it up.

“Buy cheap media and you’ll pay twice in the end!”

The price of his media has nothing to do with his problem. If he had bought 16x TY or MCC, his burner’s firmware would still likely not have support for the media and also burn it at 2.4x.

I was about to quote your post but then I thought its not necessary.

Just see my post as an addition to yours.

THESE DISCS ROCK WITH THE DW1640. Just too bad your burner doesn’t support it. 95+ quality scans on 12x burns…amazing.

Yes, I have nothing but good luck with Fuji, no matter which media they’re actually using. Of course I prefer it when they’re MIJ Taiyo Yuden T02’s. However, their Ritek and even Prodisc media always works, first time every time on my Liteon burner.

Get a newer firmware for your burner.