I changed 4472 to 4400 and it won't go back

When I changed to Version 1.1.1 , I had problems for the first time with final file sizes being OVER 4.37Gb. In trying to ‘fix’ this I changed the 4472ME value to 4452 but my files were still too large. Finally I tried 4400 and got a final file size quite a bit UNDER 4.36Gb. I then obtained a copy of the older version 1.02 (I foolishly trashed my copy when I installed version 111) and when I open either program the default value is now always 4400ME. I cannot seem to change this and make it ‘stick’. Can anybody help me? (I’ve search the registry for this value-4400 but I don’t find anything relating to DVD2One.)

BTW, version 102 has always (and still does) give me a final file size of exactly 4.36Gb every single time… I like this.

You have to do a regedit do a find on DstSize then delete the entry DVD±R(W) and next time you start Dvd2one you will have the correct size.

How did you get so smart???
That did the trick… nyplayer, you’re definitely a clever fellow…

yes many thanks for fixing this it was driving me crackers too :slight_smile: