I cant write RW discs on my H10N

I have cross flashed my H10A to H10N with JJ11 and I cant write RW discs(DVD-RW,CD-RW) anymore. Before crossflashing everything was ok.
But now Nero identifies them, for example, not as DVD-RW disc but as DVD-ROM disc, and CD-RW disc as CD-ROM disc, so as a result I cant write or format them.:frowning: R discs are writing properly.
Can anyone help me with this problem?

Maybe someone knows how can I change New setting for DVD+RW disc from DVD-ROM to DVD+RW. I think this is the reason of my problem.

DISC TYPE is DVD-ROM - that cannot be written.

It was a DVD-RW disc, but Nero saw it as DVD-ROM. And the same thing with all my RW discs.:frowning:

The problem was connected with incorrect work of the programme “Alcohol 120%”. After removing it, everything is ok.
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You’d be surprised how many burning/disc access problems those kind of programs (Daemon Tools as well) can cause. I’ve gotten into the habit of asking people if they’ve got this kind of software installed first thing.

Glad you got it sorted :clap:

Thank you.
It was really difficult to find out that it was because of Alcohol 120.
In future I’ll think twice before installing such kind of program.