I cant use Kprobe with GSA 4120B A102 FW

Hey, i just downloaded latest version of Kprobe, cuz i was curious about my drive recording quality…but this is what happens:

I try the PI/PIF test and i press “Start Test” button and it starts and exactly like 5 secs later it says “stoping drive” and i get a txt with the results containing 1 error, PI/PIF with 0 and almost all the rest same…

Im using RiTek DVD-R’s.

Why this happens? :frowning:


KRpobe = LiteOn only.

Unfortunately, both Nero CD-DVD Speed and DVDInfoPro don’t support PI/PIF testing with your drive either. You can however determine the quality of your burns vaguely by doing transfer rate scans with Nero CD-DVD Speed, or using the “Scan Disc” function of that tool. PI/PIF testing (at least with consumer products) is not necessarily “more accurate” than transfer rate scanning. In both cases, the drive you test your media with has a great influence on the result.

Get the newest version of Nero CD-DVD Speed (freeware) here: http://www.cdspeed2000.com/

Oh, thanks! i didnt know it was LiteOn only.

Peaze :smiley:


I get EXACTLY the same results with my new NEC ND-3500a - wonder why (??)


kprobe will work on liteon drives( or liteon oem drives)
nec, benq, plextor, pioneer etc wil not work.

I spent some time reading all the ways to test my media, but when I tried and the GSA-4082B wasn’t supported and the GCC-4520B gave 5000 errors, I read a bit more…
The Nero media test doesn’t list GSA-4082B ( the dvd burner ) , and the GCC-4520B is on the list, but I think I read somewhere that it has to be able to ‘write’, so the only thing I could test on it were CD’s.
I’ll look at just the scan tests and see if the ‘cheap’ disks show up as not as good.
if the GSA-4082B doesn’t get supported, I might just pickup a lite-on or something drive based on it reporting the info needed for these media test utilities. After all, I have stocked up on media and spend much more on media than the drive.