I can't upgrade my firmware on 4163

I get an error message:“Updating was failed. Please repeat that. (Error data=00 00 00 00 00”. What’s wrong? LG is set as master on secondary, there isn’ t any cd inside. I can write cd’s, but when I try to erase DVD’s, nero 6.6 stop responding. I’m using a TDK DVD+RW disc.

Try using standard microsoft IDE drivers. Is your board’s chipset NForce-based?

Gigabyte, kt333


have you tried to flash your drive since the failure?

If so, is it ok now?

Didn’ t work. I’ll try to flash it in another comp.

The very same situation happened to me, too.

I upgraded from A100 to A103. It took a very long time - about 30 minutes. And in the end I received the same message.

The interesting part is, that after rebooting the firmware version is recognized as A103!
Should I give a try with A102 maybe?..

Another thing:
I tried Nero for writing - do you have any clue, why is “Simulation” disabled?? I use v6.0.0.9 - I know it’s quite old - could this be a reason?..


Had the same problem, try different download site. When i changed bios file upgrade worked.

thanks for the hint, tomaszpa.
any suggestions for a download site which worked for you?..

And: approximately how long does it take normally an update?

I have seen a lot of posts where the conclusion is that the 4163 firmware update instructions have to be followed to the letter. The right cable, the right IDE conection, the right jumper. I followed it exactly and had no trouble. It took minutes. Give it a try.

Does it matter, which connector – middle or end – of the IDE cable is inserted in the drive?
I have connected the drive on secondary master, alone, the end connector of the IDE cable in it (the middle one is in a HDD rack, from which the HDD is removed), removed any disk from the drive and launch the tool.

Maybe I should remove the VIA chipset drivers for my motherboard and revert to the original Microsoft ones?..

Thanks for your ideas.

First I downloaded bios file from polish LG site, and that didin`t work. Than I downloaded bios file from LG Germany site and this time upgrade worked flowlesly.


I’m fairly new to DVD burners and would appreciate any advice on updating my firmware on the LG 4163B. Do I have to make sure no other programs are running such as my AV etc? Is it ok to go from the A100 straight to the A103 firmware? Is there anything else I should know before updating it casue I don’t want to damage anything?

Thanks for your time.

Yes, you can go right to 103. Get it from the US website and follow instructions to the letter. You should be OK.

Nah. I have the GSA-4163B as a slave to a LiteOn DVD-ROM drive and have had no problem updating the firmware. The instructions from LG seem to be very much on the paranoid side of things.