I cant understand whats going on

Hi. I hope you can help.

I have been backing up movies for some time now using Nero and I have NEVER had a problem.

I have used many different brands of DVD-R discs and they have all worked great.

Last week I got some vouchers for Jessops and I purchased some:

BEST (That’s the brand name)
4.7GB Single Sided
1 – 8X Compatible discs

When I insert the disc the windows media player picks up the disc and opens. I close that down and open Nero and do what ive done a 1000s of times before.

Once all the files are loaded I press burn. The Used read buffer goes up to 100% and the process status starts but never gets no further than 1%. Then everything stops and I get a popup stating:

Burn process failed at 8x (11,080 KB/s)

Ive tried burning at slower speeds but the same happens again.

Like I said before I have never had a problem with Nero and if I stick a different brand of disc in it copies like a dream.

These discs were quite expensive. More than I would usually pay but I had loads of vouchers for Jessops so I had to get them.

The weird thing is. Out of every 20 discs I try 19 don’t work and one will copy ok.

I hope you understand all the above.

Any ideas?


Most likely your “Best” DVD media either isn’t very good, or your DVD burner doesn’t support it very well.

If the firmware of your DVD burner can be upgraded, try downloading the latest firmware from the relevant site and upgrade your burner. This might help if the problem is simply bad support for this particular media in the drive’s current firmware.

If OTOH the media is bad, you’ll have little choice but to buy some different media. If you don’t know which media is high quality and works well with your burner, then Verbatim is the safest bet, or Taiyo Yuden if you can get it (but it’s not as easy to find as Verbatim).

dude this same stupid stuff happened to me. i have used imation for a year and they just up and stopped working. and people are like blah its the media but i bought so many differnt brands its not even funny. and verbatims were amongst them. i updated my firmware and everything is better but not perfect. at first it would only burn +rs, and now outta nowhere they burn regular stuff. if u havent tried doing that take a shot. if u do figure your problem hit me up cause im still fightin with mine.

Thanks so far for your help.

Its weird :confused: . We have some real experts on this site and it appears this has got people baffled. I know it has me baffled :sad: .

I use a Benq 1620 for burning my DVDs.

I went on there website (which looks great) I went to downloads and each time I tapped on a free upgrade it would never upload the page are download the item (firmware) I was looking for.

I think the best thing I can do is but my head through the wall. Its all driving me mad :bow: .


If you want to download the latest firmware for your BenQ DW1620, then you can go to this page.

If that doesn’t work for you, then you can try this direct link to B7W9 firmware.

Unless you have some problem with your wall being intact or some problem with your head not hurting enough, then please don’t butt your head against the wall! :disagree:

Bad media. Use different discs. As simple as that.
Have them exchanged!
Anything from TDK or Verbatim will do better than these, promise. :iagree: