I can't take it anymore (with pics) problem burning

Hi to everyone.

I’m always having problems when compressing dvd to dvd-r… I use DVD Shrink to make the ISO and then i burn with nero. The problem is that when i0m playing those DVD’s sometimes it has corrupted fotograms like the one one the file i’ve attached. I’don’t know how can it be. I’d tried burning at a slow speed, at high speed, changing the brand of the disc, buying a new burner, defragging with 0&0… what causes this problem?

AMD athlon 64 2500+
HD 80 GB WDC WD1000AB-00CBA1
LG GSA h20N — i use this, problem when compressing. When the movie is less than 4.5 so it not requieres compressing, works 80% fine.
LG gwa 4164b — old one problem in every single DVD

Thanx :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for my indian english

PS: On my PC all DVD’s works 100% Fine

Did you recently just change disc brands? You do know the CDF’s golden rule to ony buy quality branded discs eg. Tayio Yuden or Verbatim’s for +/- R and Verbatim +R DL.

What brand of media and what is the media code on the disc from the image in your post?

Are you using a decrypter such as AnyDVD?

Yep…sounds like a case of el cheapo discs.

You aren’t using paper adhesive labels are you?

Nonono. This problem is 2 years old… I’ve used Verbatim 8x dvd-r Verbatim 16x -r & +r , imation 16x and ridata 8x and 16x. All with the same problem. Need more info? Thanks for the fast replies

I use Anydvd and i don’t use labels

I don’t understand :confused:


I use this marker for writing the names of movie/series… I try to don’t make pressure on the disc… i thought that the marker could be the problem but if it was i couldn’t see the movie on my player AND on my pc, but that doesn’t happens.

Sorry. This problem with corrupted playback is happening since 2 years back

imation 16x and ridata 8x and 16x

These might be questionable…

Verbatim 8x dvd-r Verbatim 16x -r & +r

These should be good…

Try burning with Imgburn instead of Nero… http://www.imgburn.com

I’m gonna make a copy with that program. It can’t be a problem of the DVD player of the TV?

It can’t be a problem of the DVD player of the TV?

I’m sure there is a law somewhere that says when the problem “CAN’T” be something that is in fact the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

Post the burn log too please.

Speed? High speed or low speed?

Burn the rated speed of the blank.

That means if the disc is 16x, i have to burn at 16x?

Yes…if you feel more comfortable burn at 12X…no multitasking either. :smiley:

Try viewing the burned DVD on your computer and go to the same frame where you see all of the artifacting. If you don’t see any artifacts while viewing the movie on your computer, then the problem is a disk/burn quality issue.

Yes i had said that when i see the same movie on my pc the artifact doesn’t show. The quality is 100% fine. If i have a disk/burn quality issue, what 's exactly the problem? the dvd drive (two drives)? brand of disc (changed several times)? burning program? (changed between nero versions, next to try imgburner).

I want to kick my pc out of my house. In my girlfriend’s house there are not this fucking type of problem and she has a LG burner :S

Your standalone DVD player might just be very poor at reading burned discs, in which case you would need a replacement DVD player.

I will try with my girl’s standalone player