I can't stop it from replaying



Hi. I am using Nero 7 Premium. I’m no expert, I’m really just learning. For Fathers’ Day I had some 35mm slides converted to .jpg’s there are exactly 150 of them. Then I set them up in Nero as a slide show. I put some appropriate music with them and it’s really pretty nice.

From what I understand, Nero only allows 99 slides, so I did two “sections” and burned them onto a DVD. When the first one finishes it goes right into the second part so that’s not really a big deal. Although I do wish that I could have done all 150 slides in one continuous run, but like I said it’s no big deal.

My problem is this. When my DVD finishes the 2nd and last part, it loops right back to the beginning of the second part…or slide 100. What I want it to do is just stop at the end of the second part(slide 150). That’s the end of the show and I don’t want any repeating.

I thought it was a factor of my DVD player but I have tried it on 2 different players and I told the player via the remote to not do repeat, but every time it goes back to the beginning of the second part (slide 100) and repeats.

Is this happening because I have a setting wrong in Nero which causes it to repeat?

Does anyone have an idea of what I can do to get this DVD to just stop at the end and that’s it?



Hi Ka1eui and welcome.

I am using Nero 8 and went into Nero Vision 5. The screenshot should get you started on a solution and another member might be able to provide additional support.

One of the options (several screens before you select burn) you need to find allows you to define how Nero behaves after a menu item is played. It sounds like your project had a “loop” selected.

Hopefully, you saved your project so all your slides are already loaded. Then, you need to motor through each screen and select your options. The options you want should be under an “advanced” or “customized” titled option. My screen shows what my selection looks like.

Note: As you’ve already burned your project (having selected your options), I suspect you will need to recreate the project with your preferred options.


Thank you I will look for that. Do you think upgrading to Nero 8 is a good idea?


If your current version is working for you and it meets your needs, I wouldn’t upgrade just to have the current version.

You could try the upgrade

but be aware that it will replace version 7. Make certain you have saved your serial number to reinstall V7 when the trial period is over.

If you don’t mind playing the rebate game, you can often find good deals on Nero.