I can't seem to create a new thread

I tried to create a new thread in CD and Burning Software forum several times and it just doesn’t post it to the forum. I click back and try to do it again and it just says that its a duplicate message and i know that but it never submitted it the first time. What is the deal?

I had a similar problem last week. No one from CD Freaks admin replied to my emails nor did anyone reply to that post. I realize this is a huge community to manage, but not being able to create new threads is a huge issue.

Anyway, not too long after I posted (see link above), I mysteriously regained the ability to post new threads. I have no clue what happened. :confused:

Yea it looks like i can start new threads again cause i just started a new one in the Newbie forum a minute ago.

The current forum version seems to have some problems with longer thread titles together with the “related threads” function. It seems to be solved with the new forum version, but it’s not sure when the upgrade will be made.