I can't see my RAID drives

I can’t see my RAID drives.

I recently purchased a SIIG UltraATA 133 PCI RAID card.

I took an 160GB Maxtor Diamondmax Drive I had and purchased a identical one withthe intent of mirroring the existing data (RAID 1).

The existing drive was partitioned four times and showed up as 4 drives on “My Computer”. This drive was installed to Dev Idx 0. The new drive is installed to Dev Idx 2.

Another 40GB drive is installed to the IDE ribbon on the motherboard, and is used for booting. I am running windows XP on the boot drive.

Both drives show as “Current” under state in the “SilCfg for Medley” program under RAID set 0.

The problem is that I cannot see the RAID drives in “My Computer” or Windows Explorer. How am I supposed to access the data in the new RAID set?


What if you fire up the Disk manager of Windows and see if there are any drive letters assigned to the partitions?

To do so, go to your desktop, rightclick “My computer”, choose “Manage”. A new window will open. Choose the “Disk manager” from the window on the left. Now you can assign drive letters to partitions (after formatting them).

I hope this is the problem :slight_smile:

Did you enter the controller BIOS, or a Windows utility for the controller, and create the array followed by synchronizing the 2 drives? I prefer doing these things in the controller BIOS, as the Windows utilities don’t always play nice.
If you created the array and syncronized in Windows, you would need to reboot. Synchronizing a 160GB drive should take quite some time.

Ok, I can see it in Computer Management / Disk Management.

It calls it Disk 0 Basic 152.66 Unallocated.

Does this mean my data is gone?

have you format your raid 1 drives yet???

Once again: When you create the array in the controller BIOS or Windows utility, you have to select an option to synchronize the 2 drives. (copy data from one to the other. (this is a very slow process, could take hours) If you do not do this, either you will have unallocated space (un formatted), or you will lose all the data and wind up with empty space.

It depends… When you created the array in the controller’s bios you should have got a warning that all data on the partitions will be lost, as the object here is to merge two physical drives into one partition. If you answered the question yes, then the existing partition information should be lost. If you haven’t formatted the array yet then it’s possible to break the array and see your old partitions (if you’re lucky). If you have done the format then the data is history…