I can't remove these drives



So I have an Antec LANboy case with 2 DVD burners installed. I went to try and remove them then found I wasn’t able too.

Both drives had 4 screws holding them in the 5.25" bays. When I went to push the drives out they wouldn’t budge. I felt around the back (the side of the case where the motherboard is attached) and there are 4 more screws for each drive! There is no way I can get around to those screws.

The 5.25, 3.25 and hard drive bays are all connected via some sort of bracket. That bracket does not look like it can be removed from the case.

I have no idea how they got them in, in the first place.

Any ideas on how to get them out?

JOe K.


Well it’s called disassembly. Why would you buy a case and not know how to take it apart? Maybe you need to read the manual?


[QUOTE=Bob;2051682]Well it’s called disassembly. Why would you buy a case and not know how to take it apart? Maybe you need to read the manual?[/QUOTE]

The jerk store called and they are out of you.


Hey now, be nice to bob he’s just trying to help.

Is this your caes?

If it is then all you have to do is unplug the cables, and from the front squeeze the tabs on the blue clips and slide the drive right out.


Thanks for your help.

Sorry bob it was a knee jerk reaction (and also a George Castanza, Seinfeld quote).

I bought the system a few years ago, pre-assembled (for warranty purposes). I have looked at the manual to no avail. I mistyped however, I have a Super Lanboy which is different than a Lanboy.
It doesn’t have those handy 5.25" bay latches.



It’s ok but i have no idea how your case is setup. I’ve been in a few cases and they all seem to be different…so i figure it out sooner or later.

I mainly build my own pc’s


I build my own PC’s as well. this was my first one and I didn’t build it, hence my bafflement.


Hi :slight_smile:
Manual for your case shows the following:-
Page 5 shows that panel 6. (The one in the way of you removing the remaining screws).
Can itself be removed.
Looks like screws at rear have to be removed before sliding said panel off. :wink: :cool:


Ya beat me to it.
The panel on the right side comes off. :doh:


On the older (original?) Lanboy, the right side panel doesn’t come off. There it’s two screws on the left side of the burner and a plastic slide rail w/latch (attached with two screws to the drive) on the right side.


i find that the panel is usually snap-in-halfable