I can't read what I burn (DVR-106D)



I have burn only PS2 backups and they worked fine… what yesterday I made a data DVD with some files from my Pc and after I burned it I can’t read the DVD in my Pc… I tried in the PS2 (there were some .avi files in it and the PS2 could play them)… the PS2 read the DVD fine, even I can see the videos on it… I thought maybe was the region, but the problem is that Explorer (WIN2k) says there’s no disc on the drive… I changed the firmware and nothing happens, I burned it twice, once with Storm RecordNow MAX v4.50 and later with Nero v6.0.0.6… the same problem… everything with the PS2 but nothing with Pc… i tried also in a creative dxr2 dvd drive… what could be the problem¿?