I cant read CDs with my GWA-4164B!

Hey guys!

I need help as soon as possible because with my Gwa-4164B (HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GWA-4164B) i can read DVDs but not CDs, if i put a CD in the reader nothing pops up in the comp and if i check the reader it says no CD is in it. I have no problem with reading DVDs though. I have the latest firmware (1.05) so its not becasue of that.

I need to read a CD because i have to reformate my comp and i dont have the files on a DVD and i dont have a floppy.

Please help me!

Have you tried using CD copying software to see if that recognises CDs? There isn’t any real logic (yet) behind this request, but just humour me.

I dont know really what cd recognition thingy is…tell me please :o

Put the CD in the drive and try to copy it with some CD copying program (for example Alcohol 120%).

I have the exact same problem, it can read/write DVDs but does not recognise CDs at all

Any idea of what it can be or is it just to buy a new one?

This is the same problem I have been asking about. I see nobody has replied in awhile. Does no one at all have a solution to this?

Posting some more information would be very helpful.
You can try to clean your drive.

Well I’m not sure about the guy who started this thread but, I have tried cds in cd burning programs and it doesn’t show up there either.

I too have similar problem. The drive came with a Dell system. It can play DVDs. But it doesn’t read or write VCDs. Even the VCDs made using the same drive cannot be viewed now using this drive.

Your drive seemed to die after a firmware update. You were looking for original Dell firmware right? Fortunately, one of the users here passed me a link to Dell firmware for the GWA-4164B (thanks to Jamieshea) :


Go try that and see if it helps. If not, send the drive back to Dell for repairs.

I did upgrade the firmwire…but the problem remains…
since it reads DVDs as well as some CDs (but not those written by it!), I presume this is not a hardware problem.
Since these CDs can be read by other drives, CD problem ruled out.
Also since I can play movies from harddisk the codec issues may be ruled out.
May be i need to try with a clean installation of Windows XP as suggested by some one (possibly Karangguni) in response to a similar thread…

So it looks like there may be some kind of driver (maybe some copy protection thing installed by a game?) or piece of software screwing around with your ability to read the discs you burn. There is a less drastic way to figure out if this is what is happening : download an ISO of one of those Linux live CDs, like Knoppix. Burn onto a CD with your GWA-4164B, then boot to the disc. Since windows does not get started, whatever interfering driver or software does not get loaded.

If the disc boots fine, it means your drive can indeed read CDs it burns and it is confirms it is some driver/software causing your pain. Then you probably should go ahead a do a clean Windows installation. If the disc won’t boot, then it does mean something is wrong with the drive.

At least this way you can avoid reinstalling windows if you don’t really need to.