I can't play my backup's of SecuROM *NEW*

I deleted all the strings and installed BlindWrite 4 again. Still didn’t work. Deleted all the strings and intalled Autoplay 4, didn’t work neither. :frowning:

I would like to try to change the IDE drivers. Problem is that if I delete the ones I have now, it finds and install the exact same again. How should I do to get the Microsoft standard IDE drivers?

after deinstalling the 3.13 drivers in the software folder of control panel, and rebooting, reinstall using the setup for 3.13 drivers. when ask if you want to install the SW-IDE drivers choose no. This will insure that the problem driver will not be installed. If this still doesnt help solve the problem,
Right-click My Computer, click Properties, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.

Then click on Ide ATA/Atapi controller, and right click NVIDIA nforce2 IDE controller, and select properties. go to driver tab, and choose update driver.

This starts the wizard

select ‘Choose software from list’ option and OK

select second option. Choose Source from list, an OK
( first option would be to Search for best driver from source. do not select this option)

Now you should have two choices.

NVIDIA nForce2 IDE Controller
Standard Two-Channel PCI-IDI Controller

the seconcond choice is the standard Microsoft controller for NVidia chipset.

Hope this helps.

PS…If One or more steps isnt identical to the the wording on your computer, please forgive me. I have the german version of windows XP and my translation might not be perfect.

bw 5.1 may improves things also especially if used with the tweaker.

I have tried both the standard IDE drivers and BlindWrite 5.1, nothing helped.

Arrrrrrrrgggghhhhh…I don’t understand why it doesn’t work!!!

Espacially since Worms 3D worked for a few moments before…

what is the drive on your fathers pc that works? Is it a dvd or cd? Rom or Burner?..Like we said before, these protections dont run on all drives, even not on all drives of the same make and model. You need to try maybe a different drive, or a different software to copy the game. And still there is no garantee.

As Example, Simsons Hit and Run (Safedisk 3.10) would not run on my the pioneer dvd drive in my sons pc, but would work on the same model drive in my computer. the only difference was that my drive was built 3 months later. Both had the same firmware. After swapping the drives between the two computers, the game worked on my drive (in my sons computer now) and not on the one from my son that I installed on my computer.

Your best bet is to try a different copy software such as alcohol, and use the RMPS function. It would be much easier than swapping the hardware around.

Good luck.

My dad got a Memorex DVD burner. Don’t know the name of that one and a Lite-On 12101B, also a burner. It works perfect in both of them.

My problem is that these kind of games worked before for me, and as you know I got Worms 3D to work before I started to fool around with BlindWrite and Autoplay again. Which makes me think that the problem is elsewhere. But just in case I will try to reinstall UT 2003 and see if my copy of that one works. I’m pretty sure it won’t, but not 100% sure though.

Anyway, thanks for all the help. :slight_smile:

Tried my old copy of UT 2003 and it DID work. Guess all of you were right the whole time. It was a hardware issue. I really didn’t think that it should be. Thought my Litey’s would do the trick but it appears they don’t like the newest version of SecuROM V4. :frowning: