I cant play copied audio cds in my cars cd player?



Hi, can somebody tell me what i can do to be able to play copied audio cd’s in my cars cd player ?


buy better cd’s!
i had the same problem with arita/no_name cd’s but with philips/sony and tdk i can listen everything in my car. (sometimes 700MB cd’s still have problems no mather what brand)



If better CDs don’t work, then its because your CD player’s laser lens can’t read CD-Rs, this happens with older CD players and some brands. My SONY CD player can play evey copied CD. Good Luck


you can try another brning program, sometimes it works!


you can try another brning program, sometimes it works! Or try to insert a gap of at least 20 frames between 2 tracks (you can do this with CDRWin)


Using an other brand of cdr’s helps in my case. Some cheap cdr’s just wont play on caraudio.



I did it with CD-RW(HP) and on my Panasonic car stereo it does work with the first 5 tracks, after that it’s all noise.


You can try the special audio cdr’s from philips these are specialy made for audio recording.

The only disadvantage is that they’re more expensive.


Try burning at a lower speed. sometimes it works.

Greetz Rolo.


Use Verbatim CDR and don’t burn at more than 4x speed



Hello Group

I think burning at slower speeds can help as was already mentioned. I found making a back up of a very old tape ( you know taking it from tape to wav format then burning on cd )then burning it at only speed 1 or 2 was great but when i tried it at 4 it failed each and every time Still i learn from my mistake…just very slowly



I have some trouble with playing copied CD’s in my car too. And using more expensive CD’s are not always the answer. CD-R’s are not as reflective as original CD’s so the more reflective the CD-R the better chance you have. I put music on “Imation” CD’s. they’re cheep little crap CD’s but my car player can read them better than other ones I’ve tried including SONY. I don’t know why car players have this trouble (Next time I buy a Car CD player I’m going to bring a CD-R and try it out on the demo models) I’ve never seen a home player that didn’t read them just like a regular CD. Although a friend of mine had trouble reading a copy of Tribes on his computer. he uses a DVD drive and the Tribes copy was on an 80min CD (not very reflective) so that may have had something to do with it.
As for recording slowly I almost always record on 1x. I mean what’s the rush?


Well if u have to burn a couple of cd’s it isn’t fun waiting 74 mins
and a friend of mine uses sony cd’s with his pioneer car cd player and works great




Okay guys
A) Better quality CD’s don’t make any difference, I use the cheap BLANK CD’s and they work.
B) Used these CD’s in Pioneer, Sony, and Clarion car CD’s and a stock standard Nissan car CD player and all work fine.
So don’t waste your time buying better quality, I have tried and it makes no difference unless you buy the ones designed specifically for Audio burning. I use CDRWIN and most times NERO as it is a lot easier and all my CD’s have burnt perfectively that also includes CD’s that I have compiled myself. So I would recomend using Nero and using CDR’s that are at a reasonable price.


a) there is a difference in the type of cd’s you use , in case of 80 min i once used cheap lead data cd’s and my sony carplayer won’t play that type of cd
After switching to maxell cd-r 80 min my car stereo plays them very well

b) the burning speed thing is IMHO crap , on my ‘slow’ pII 233 i burn audio cd’s at 8 speed with no problems at all

these are my 6 cents

kind regards



Try NERO and a maby a lower speed !!

GrtZ mrDJ