I cant play copied audio cd in my car!

hey all,

I have a tuscani hyundai and i got a proplem in the cd player, when downloaded mp3-or-wav file and burn it to an audio cd using (NERO) the car dont play it, i though that the cd lince has a proplem but when i tried an originall cd it works !!

so do anyone know how I can play copied audio cd in my car ? :flower:

Burn at slower speeds, only use hi-quality media and use DAO / Disc-At-Once - Mode.

I had this problem until I switched to Verbatim media. Pastels & Super AZO seem to work fine for me.

It’s best to burn with a CD writer but I’ve found that my LG4163B & Benq 1620 do the job just as well. Some of the earlier NEC DVD writers (1100,2500) weren’t the best for this.

I burn with either Roxio or the freeware app Burrrn (www.burrrn.net)

now am trying to use roxio 6.0 with a CD-rw to do an audio cd in a slow speed and ill see wht will happen

Most car players won’t look at a CD-RW but you might be lucky.

will acctually i did my furst cd-rw audio for my car using roxio 6 and its so cool program it have options for my proplem exactly (playin copied cd in car) it told me that i must burn it slow for that purpose and it must not be a cd-rw and u must choose a “finalize” thats all so i bought audio blank cd-r called “memorex” (designed for audio) and it works :)))))))

thx everyone, thx cdfreaks.com