I Cant Play Backups In Xbox

Hey im haveing a problem. But its with my X-box.Im useing 1clickDVDcopy with DVE43 to rip.I never had a prob copying anything before all the sudden BAM cant play in my Xbox any more…will play on my PC DVD player all no prob as soon as put it in my Xbox it says cant read it dirty or damaged…the only thing I did was go from Memorex to Maxell.Any Ideas Guys…alittle help Thanks.I do app it .Pitbull. former Pro wrestler turned computer geek.

Do you still have any of your older disks to see if when you use them they play back? Could just be a media incompatibility issue if that’s all you changed.

went out and bought the other ones same deal… any other sugestions??thanks Pitbull

To me it seems to be a media compatibility issue, but I would need to see your c2cd.log file to confirm.

You could also email support:


Im very new to the DVD backup community but pretty familiar with the XBOX scene. The first thing I would tell you to do is make sure when you burn your disc that you close/finialize the session. XBOX will not read the disc contents if the disc isn’t finialized.

Outside of that, (if your of the mod community) try the latest XBMC…anything released on 9/12/05 or later. XBMC has a new DVD-Player which, although new, has been in development for over a year and is getting positive feedback.

Do you happen to know what dvd drive you have in your xbox. Alot of times what will happen is that your dvd drive will read sertain types of disk sometimes and other times it wont. I highly reccomend getting a Samsung dvd in your xbox if that isnt the drive you have. If you have any questions just pm me you also might want to check out www.xbox-scene.com forums they will help you alot

how can u tell what type your x-box is i dont now if it s@msung or other and were does it show the image plz some1 reply plz

[QUOTE=fordbro;2136739]how can u tell what type your x-box is i don’t now if it s@msung or other and were does it show the image plz some1 reply plz[/QUOTE]

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