I can't install xp professional sp2

Hi all
I have been given a desk top built from slightly old parts for the kids to use (trying to save the lap top) it doesn’t have a os installed so im trying from scratch. I have an original copy of xp professional sp2 to install but it goes through formating then starts copying the files and stops between 94 - 99% and the message says “the file setup placed on your hard drive is not a valid windows xp system image” but it’s a diffrent file each time. Does anyone have any idears. Please help.

Google is your friend, my friend…Try another CD, another drive, bad Ram etc, etc…

I agree, some piece of hardware, perhaps including the Windows CD is faulty. RAM, HDD would be the first things I’d check.
Testing the RAM: www.memtest.org
Testing the HDD: all HDD manufacturers have free downloads of diagnostic software, so you need to find out what HDD you have.

If you want all-in-1: get the “Ultimate Boot CD”.

Later, when you successfully installed your Windows, go to Windows Update website and install all available security updates including Service Pack 3. Windows XP without SP3 is out of support now.

Another hint: create restricted user accounts for the kids and assign a secure password for the account that has admin permissions.


Thank you
I have a friend with another copy so im going to give that a go.