I Can't install NFSMW with NFSU already installed :(

I had NFSU installed and I tried installing Most Wanted and the disc auto loads and has the option that just says “Play Now” or something along those lines no “install” option. And when I click play now it it would launch NFSU. I uninstalled NFSU and then I immediately get the option to install MW. I want to have both installed does anyone know of a way to trick it so I can re-install Underground?

Thank You

hi Koolzero…

I had the same problem… the files of both games (NFSU e NFSMW) is the same “SPEED.EXE”, so i went to windows registryu editor, Menu Edit > Find > Speed.exe

the first one was in MyComputer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Direct3D\MostRecenteApplication

so i rename de field NAME to SPEED3.EXE, then i open AutoRun from NFSMW DVD end the button INSTALL was able… (after installation, rename the same file to original)

And now i so happy playing NFSU1, NFSU2 and NFSMW

Good Luck !

hey… sorry my english, i don’t know if i write correctly… i’m from BRAZIL

Hey guys,

This forum really helped me to get NFS MW with Underground installed so I just wanted to give you the information I’ve gotten.

I’m running windows 2000 so the reg settings may be a little different.

I searched for and deleted everything having to do with “Speed.exe” and NFS MW installed. Of course I saved every registry entry I deleted by clicking on file in RegEdit.exe and Exporting Registry Entry before deleting them.

There were four problems as noted here–basically the following is a .REG file:

–snip here–
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Speed.exe]
“Game Registry”=“SOFTWARE\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Underground”
@=“D:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Underground\Speed.exe”
“Path”=“D:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Need For Speed Underground”
–end snippet–

I had copied nfsmw to a cd from a dvd.The game installs but it asks for the correct cd what has happend to the game

^ you’ve been defeated by the copy protection. Obviously whatever physical characteristics the guard module of the game executable is seeking on the original dvd will not have been duplicated on a burnt cd.