I cant install Max Payne

I got an Iso image (Clone CD) of Max Payne of the net and burnt it and then tried installing and I got a message that there is missing file data3.cab in disk0 directory. Could anyone tell me if that is meant to be on the original CD or it’s a copy protection thing, and if it is how would i go about fixing it. I know that the It has SD2 protection and I have a Sony CRX-140E which I don’t think it works with but I don’t have an original MaxPayne cd so I don’t know if it’s a missing file or not


If its asking for data3.cab then this is a protection issue. I have seen this on other games (Giants) that seems to me to use either SafeDisc 2 or ProtectCD.

The basic fact is that the image was not read in right. I have made a perfect working copy of Max Payne on both my Phillips CDRW and can make a backup using my Plextor with Inseketors.

The option on CloneCD that needs to be checked to read an image of all the latest games since all are nearly SafeDisc 2 is the Fast Error Skip.

Sorry mate you need another image

the clonecd image file of max payne you’ve got from the net has to be burned with a writer that can write safedisk²

I also downloaded that image and when I burn it with my plextor 12/10/32s I get the same error, but when I burn it with my Acer 1208 everything works perfecly

That is indeed true, you do need a SafeDisc 2 writer and as they are rare it is hard. Simply having Daemon Tools will run the game from the image using a Virtual CDROM so install that to make it run from the image without having to burn it.

Or install InseKetors 1.1 and patch the image you DL and then burn this using any writer and you game will work.

As for me I bought a second hand CDRW from an auction site that I knew could write SafeDics 2 games. Got it for £50!

I burned it with my Plexwriter 8/4/32a and it works fine… (in every cdrom!). Either I’m lucky i have a compatible one or it’s cracked…

Thank you all… it’s all new to me but I managed to figure it out, which I read in another post was to extract all the files to HD and then burn and run no-cd patch.:slight_smile: