I can't hear my MP3s!

I have downloaded some MP3 songs from internet(KAZAA).
but i can’t hear them!
my setting is ok, i can listen to other songs
when i play these songs in JetAudio,the time elapses but nothing can’t be heard
and equalizers don’t show anything.
the sample rate is 32 kbs.(it was 160 in during download process!)
what can cause this poblem?
any help and guidance will be appreciated

*ps:someone told me that these MP3 files could be protected and i need a password,is it true?

chances the mp3s are corrupt…like almost ALL files now on the fasttrack network. use emule instead.

Read the rules

Explain please!

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Re: Broadband
We dont deal with illegal requests here e.g downloaded movies, games, music. See my sig for the rules.


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i want to thank G)-(osters because of your quick reply.
i’m waiting for helpful friends and their suggestions.
any help and guidance will be appreciated

As i found out that my first message has been misunderstood, i tried to edit it
and eliminate a phrase which caused the problem .
But it seems that this forum doesn’t allow people to edit their message.
if i’m wrong and this forum support this feature please guide me that how can i do that.
any help and guidance will be appreciated.
(i can’t see the editpost button in the first message)

Dude, downloaded music is an iffy subject here. We dont endorse it but some people will help you. We do how ever encourage the use a legal download systems e.g. Naspter, iTunes. Sorry for misunderstanding! Also the forum only allows you to edit you posts within 20/25 mins of making the org.


you CAN edit your messages, but only max. 30 minutes after posting them, so you can correct typos immediately, but e.g. not change the entire posts content a day later… i think this is a very good system, and it works here :iagree:

back to topic: i’d also say, as G)-(osters already posted, that these files are simply corrupt… try to open 'em i another player or better audio editing program, so maybe these programs are capable of recovering the files… just a thought, i don’t know… :wink:

Downloading from Kazaa is illegal, and against the forum rules you pleb

downloading from kazaa is only illegal if the files are copyrighted which the guy didnt say if they were or not so dont jump to conclusions n give the guy a hand :wink:

Lol, good point :smiley:

Anyway ,as i guess you really try to keep your ideals and make a better world
let me explain my problem and you may show me the way.
in my country people can’t listen to MUSIC.it’s banned by religious government.

if they find CDs or tapes or any other material like that in your place ,you are in a big trouble. not only listening to music is ILLEGAL(you see, we mean this word differently) but also watching satellite programs ,going to DISCOs,… and even having fun in

marriage celebration is ILLEGAL.
Access to the internet is possible but it’s limited.
all connections are DIAL-UP 33.6 kbs and real connection speed is lower.
you have to get through PROXIES ,FILTERS,… to finally check your mailbox!
the government is the great hacker.it’s hunting you,monitoring your activities

and because of these activities in some cases you find yourself in a cell, nobody

knows about you.
but with all difficulties internet is a window to the world and freedom.
Political activist use it as a loudspeaker and ofcourse they pay for that. like

bloggers who are updating their weblog in their mind! ( in jail you can’t access
to internet)you can’t imagine this restriction and pressure .
in a case government tried to send noise on the satellite programs.even US &USSR during cold war didn’t do that.

Here comes KAZAA to the scene,for you it’s a place for pirates,for people like me the only place to go to the free world. as you know it now,nobody sings,nobody plays,nobody produces a pop song in this country. but for a people with a history more than 3000 years living without culture and

music means :death
singers in exile and compatriots put their songs in “MY SHARED FOLDER”
and people inside the country can listen to the voice of their popular artists.
people share these files inside the country ofcourse for free,not via internet
…manually with cds or tapes. WELCOME TO THE NATIONAL iTUNE!
Downloading from internet and especially from KAZAA is not so easily as you may think ,it takes a long time. even a 3.5MB MP3 file need more than one hour ,let me guess how longtime do you need? less than 2 minutes?
plese note that most of our folkloric songs are long ,about 5 or 6 minutes.
and they need even more time to download.

what do you feel when you can’t play the file after downloading?
ok,let me consider the situation from your side.i think the most important thing in copyright struggling in Audio industry is :people can listen to the music but pay nothing.it’s not fair and i agree with you. now please help me.
although a minority of people have access to the internet and most of them are looking for songs in our language,some people like me (a minority of minority) also like to listen to : Celine Dion,Eminem,…

How can i purchase Celine Dion’s Album?
please make no mistake ,i’m not a rich man,in fact with an income less than 250$ per month, i have to ignore manythings to buy her new album.
but i must do that it’s fair and LEGAL.

how can i pay for it?
purchasing online is impossible!,e-business in my country is a joke.(in addition
government doesn’t allow to pay for something like MUSIC!!!) you may go to the music shop ,there are not such places in this country. and finally i’m not a potential customer who doesn’t pay because of KAZAA, i would pay but how?
nobody in my country is a potential customer because there is no target market here . using KAZAA or not, SONY COLUMBIA PICTURES AND Celine receive 0.00$. we can hardly access to the p2p servers.when i’m trying to visit KAZAA website, i get this message:“Smart filter ,access to this webpage is denied by … authorities & justice …”

i don’t know how ,it seems like a miracle but it works.
Although i’m a DUDE and PLEB person, i can read newspapers and magazines on internet and i knew about COPYRIGHT struggle about kazza and other p2p programs , but i had no idea what are people thinking about it?
you were the first people that explained it to me :wink: i was trying to explain, i’m not going to invite people to crack the files or do something illegal,but the problem came from somewhere else, i had no idea that you are against me because of KAZAA.i don’t deny that visiting this page was the worst experience that i have ever had on the web.anyway i can understand that from your side i’m a pirate,thief,dude,pleb,…and i’m sure you never accept that some singers in exile are singing for their people ,and only a minority out of country can pay for that.

i’m not proud of using KAZAA,and i owe Celine Dion for 12 songs.
(with this connection speed i couldn’t suck more!)
i mean i never wanted to make an explanation for me.
ok,i couldn’t find a solution here but i hope this last post and last visit can

clear misunderstanding.
fair well

Which country do you live in?

this guy is right, I have been in coutries where people make 60$ a month.they can not shop, and live on exchange. give me 5 liters of milk against 1 pound of meat.!!!

this is how it works, …then industries from america come in these countries and try to sell DVD, music at 20$-45$ the disc… ah ah ah! most people who just have 1$ in their pocket go in an internet coffee and download musics.

for what I am concerned, since I have dicovered this website, I have given lot of cash to my DVD rent store, I bought around 70 white DVD in 3 months,…bought a liteon burner…damn, they make a good business with me in hardware.

so, I conclude that this market is an hypocrisie, and the movie industry is making lot of moneys with "Pirats"like ngc, …