I can't get RPC1 to work on my nec 2500 please help

I have tried and tried and tried. Something is not right I tell you. After flashing with several different firmwarez such as 1.06 and the beta 1.07 in both windows and dos I still can’t get my drive to change to RPC1. When using driveinfo 2.2 it still says that I have 4 user and 4 manufacturer changes left. According to the forum, it should say that it’s region free by now… I’m running dvd region killer 2.5 and I’m sitting on region 2.

And that is also a problem, maybe they are connected, the drive can’t find the dvd’s that are from region 2. The find the drive but when I explore it, it doesn’t show anything… Other regions are no problems, like the dvd’s I bought when I was on a trip to Thailand.

Could this be because I haven’t got RPC1 status on my NEC 2500 or are these two problems seperate??

Extremely grateful for any help!


DVD Region Killer works by emulating your drive and making it appear to still have a region counter.

Disable region killer while using software like Drive Region Info or DISCInfo to check the drive’s region status.

You should also read THIS

Yeah that did the trick. Although I can’t read dvd’s from region 2. It can’t find anything on a disc from region 2 it’s just blank. I have only tried with commercial discs, and I thought that they had some sort of copyprotection on them. I also tried burning an image of a movie on a dvd+rw disc. That works fine in my dvd-player, but my nec 2500 finds the disc and tells me that it’s empty.
Have anyone got the same problem, and what should I do to fix this?