I Can't get nero7 urtra to install from CD

Hi All hope someone can help me. I just bought nero 7 ultra and have been trying to install it with no luck. It just won’t work. I down loaded the cleanup tool and ran it. Can’t find any ahead or nero items left in the computer, but the software still doesn’t load. I email nero but haven’t heard back from them. can any one tell me what might be the trouble. I have windows XP. Thanks nw

Download the latest Nero7 from ahead/nero and then use the serial that came with your cd to register it.

Or try browsing the CD and copy the set up file on your Desktop and install it from there. Worth a try.

Thanks for replys. But 1st I’m on dial up, (Too slow for big downloads) That’s why I bought the CD.
And the CD won’t even open in the computer it’s like the computer doesn’t find the CD at all. anyone else got any ideals what I can do? Hope so. Still waiting on Nero to get back to me very slow!


Where are you located? If it’s the US, I’ll be happy to burn and mail a copy of Nero for you. If you’re in another country, perhaps a CDFreaks member could help you out there.

Once you install the file, enter your serial number to make it a permanent install.

Do you have problems with other Disc not being recognised by your drive? Or is it just not on auto play? If you open “My Computer” Does the drive not show the loaded CD ? I can only assume you have only one optical drive.

Nero is a bit freaky, especially if you have had previous installations!

Normally, you have to run their clean-up tool. I know you said you did it…but just be sure it was the right tool: I suggest you run both the Clean-up 6, and the Clean-up 7…and follow the prompts exactly to remove EVERYTHING.
Then it should be possible to install from the CD.

Next problem: your drive doesn´t recognise the disc.
Is the disc damaged? Can you read any other discs???
Have you tried another drive? (borrow one and plug it in or test the disc on another computer)
Is your XP working properly? Is it time to re-install your system?

yeah he did say he couldnt read the cd…like deanimator said try another cd see if it reads if not … my be windows config or bad cd drive…Wait isnt it dvd ? STEVE

Hi Jeff and the rest of you guys,
Thanks for your help I have my son, he closer to me I’m in Va. copying the file for me hope it works. That’s what Nero said to do too.
I checked out my CD drive and it will read other disc. So thatt’s not the problem. Will post what happens when I get the cd from my son. I tryed downloading but that was a nightmare and didn’t work. I ask Nero what else can we do. Waiting to hear back from them. If they come up with a good plan I’ll post it here. thanks again guys, nw

If your running Vista this will be a problem when using original disk.

I’m running windows XP and still can’t get this thing to load. My pc just doesn’t seem to find the CD. Anymore Ideas? nw

I take it that you’re son burn’t nero onto a CD… ?

Is this the same brand / type of blank cd that reads okay…? eg[I]…" I checked out my drive and it will read other disc"[/I]

If your drive is not showing a disc in my computor then it’s the disc or the drive.

If the other discs that work are burnt discs and you have more blanks of them, then get your son to copy nero onto it from the original disc and try that.

I have a quirky LG drive that sometimes will not read discs… I just eject and put it in again a few times and then it reads it okay…

I would try the nero clean up tool 1st. You can get it free at www.nero.com

:flower: I want to thank all of you guys for all the ideas. Turns out Nero ultra 7 edition is on a DVD not a CD so I had to buy a DVD drive. Now I have nero 7 in the computer and seems to be working fine. hope this update will help someone if they run into this trouble when they go to install nero 7. I now can burn CD and DVD. Thanks again…nw: