I cant get nero to copy long films



I have just installed Nero 7 ultra ed and as the title says I can not get a long film onto a disc.

here is what I do

I have anydvd running in the background
I load up nero recode 2 choose main movie only
I then import the dvd and take away subtitles and audio that is not required.
fit to target is ticked dvd-5(4.7gb) it says total size 4,459 mb (81.2%) quality
click on next, advanced analysis is ticked and so is high quality mode write speed 12x only 1 copy required destination is my Benq 1640, booktype automatic and priority normal then I click burn it does its analyzing and encoding fine and asks for a blank dvd disc I insert a blank disc and says not enough room or disc might be full.

What can I do? What am I doing wrong?


Try stopping anydvd before you burn…think you may have to do this before you burn?

Best just to have recode write to a directory, then use imgtoolburn (google it) to burn works best for me, I use decryptor to rip though.


Thakyou for replying :slight_smile:

I closed anydvd as you suggested but the same problem persists :a


I always write the files to harddrive and then use a program to burn from the harddrive. ImgTool, ImgBurn, Nero, etc. It looks like Anydvd may still have interfered with the writing because according to your pic, the Disc type says “empty”. So Recode is not seeing the disc.

Try setting Recode to write to the harddrive as files. (it already is in a temp folder). Shut down Anydvd. Then use Nero or ImgBurn (free from Lightning UK - old DVDDecrypter guy), or ImgTool Burn 1.2.1 from CouJo (uses Nero API to burn) and see if it will write then.

I usually use DVDD to decrypt to the HD (AnyDVD if I need it - which I shut down after using). Run files thru Recode dumping output files to another HD folder. I then load ImgTool Burn 1.2.1 & burn, which using the Nero API & Nero engine. Once done, I delete the files from the HD. This takes about 15GB per DVD but has never failed me yet. I have 40GB set aside on my drive for this purpose.


Something here is wrong!
I run recode2 exactly the same way as you are doing and I have never ever turned AnyDVD OFF in one whole year! I burn on the fly with all the best quality settings always set to FO. It all works perfectly in one go without turning anything off! Something is wrong but I dont know what?


Thank you all for replying

I will just stick to clonedvd2. I only installed nero so I could compare the 2 programmes. Once again thanks to all :slight_smile: