I can't get my 3520 to install any games. I wonder why?

For sometime now I haven’t been able to install any video games that are mint original to my computer with my nec 3520. I flashed it to a 3520aw 2.U5 and it still can’t install any games. It’s keeps getting errors. Maybe my drive is really getting bad for reading. I knew it was from time to time with ripping movies. Now i’m not so sure what’s going on. Last night I downloaded a demo video game from Nvidia’s website ( on dial up it took 8 hours!)… I woke up today and it wouldn’t install either. Anything could of happened there though I wasn’t about to sit there for 8 hours watching it. I have no trouble installing anything else I download so I think it’s more about my drive reading the cd rom disc’s of the video games ( still strange how that internet download got an error as well). Plus I get errors or artifacts in movies before they are burned to disc. I can see them with my VLC player. Could some copywrite protected cd, or dvd corrupted my drive? Any suggestions?

If you talk about movies you have bought (surely on DVD), replace them/RMA them.
Also check your gfx card and for heat problems.

Chef the movies are fine they just aren’t fine after they get put in my computer. Heat problem could be an issue I am on this computer enough. :slight_smile:

My vid card 6600gt ( agp ) seems to be running fine for veiwing movies on my computer. That still works great so does ripping cd’s, and burning them. It’s not the burn on dvd it’s the rip, and it must be why I can’t install games properlly. I just don’t understand why cd’s wouldn’t be effected. I could try to install a new Nvidia graphics driver. They have a new beta version but that may be buggy. Not sure on beta. Do they have some sort of cleaner I could use without taking my drive apart?

Maybe there is really a problem with the drive (dvd part).
Is the drive running in DMA2 mode?

It says use DMA if available, and then underneath that it states current transfer mode is ultra DMA mode 5. Whatever that is.