I can't get Marvel Vs. capcom to work on my PS1

I have Mar vs Cap 1 and I can make any type of file I want for it.

Whenever I burn it (using Imgburn write speed 1x) I do the whole jam your paper in the cover slot and I get Megaman Legends 2 to run fine. But MVC just doesn’t want it. I’ve used cue, bin, ISO, and img files. still won’t work. I had a copy and I really want to play again.

help plox?. help the n00b?

[QUOTE=Senken;2275548]I do the whole jam your paper in the cover slot[/QUOTE]

Can you explain in more detail what this method is?

Also what media are you using? and don’t burn the games at x1 there’s no need, burn them at a high speed x24 should do.

I’m taking a: bin, cue, img, iso file and burning it with IMGburn. write speed 1x. it is said that anything past 4x speed won’t work.

do I need to use a higher speed. that would be understandable. I hear games like Marvel Vs Capcom work on higher speeds and such.

Burning that slow is not recommended due to new burners and new media are tuned to being burnt at higher speeds. I have burnt my PS1 backups at x24 on taiyo yuden cdrs and they have all worked fine. My PSX has a modchipped installed to play backups though, I not sure I know of the boot method you mentioned.

mine isn’t modded.

I fold a silver of paper. take that paper. jam it into the solt where your lid closes, and it acts like the lid is closed. that way you can switch disc’s.

I’m going to try it at a faster speed. thanks

This? http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/3/372300

[QUOTE=debro;2276742]This? http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/3/372300[/QUOTE]


not as complicated.