I can't get H62N to working well

Hello. I just bought this drive, but I have problems using it. It is installed Ok, it is found by Windows, and it is shows as UDMA5. Problem here is that it is working as PIO, processor goes on 50% whatever I do, and, it freezes system very often. I tried to change cables, and position, but same story. I have Hitachi Sata HDD, and it working well. Motheboard is MSI K9N-Neo (nforce 550).

If anybody have idea, please write here, because I am planning to change this drive for PATA one tomorrow, if I can’t get it work.

P.S. Seems that drive is working well in Linux, so I will reinstal Windows tonight and see what happening.

Thanx in advance!

There’s lots of threads around here on using the NForce controllers with optical drives. Results are mixed at best. At least, you must have the controller in non-RAID (IDE) mode and use an appropriate non-RAID driver in Windoz. You might also need to install Windoz with AHCI mode enabled on the board. Worst case is that you’ll need to get the right PCI card SATA controller to run optical drives on.

I found solution by installing Nvidia storage driver. Now drive works like it should.

One more question: Can I somehow remove “safely remove hardware” icon, I want to see it just when I plug USB drives and not to accidentaly unplug HDD or DVDRW?


Try to hid it in the status bar prefs.

You can do it :slight_smile:

Open Regedit and go to:


Create a new DWORD value and name it DisableRemovable. Change its value to 1. Reboot it and its done :slight_smile:

Yes, regedit does it.