I cant get DVD Region+Css free to work

I dont know much about dvd players or music software.

I need to be able to play music on dvds made overseas on my uk pc. I have downloaded and installed DVD Region +CSS free.

When i place my music cd in the drive and go to E: drive in windows explorer, it doesn’t recognise a cd as there.

When i installed the software, it found my cd drive on its own (E:), and it is listed, with the check box ‘support all listed drives’ checked.

I checked all (!) the options under Audio CD settings :
Audio CD Free
Repair table of contents
Remove Data sessions

The software starts up when i restart my pc , and the blue globe is in my taskbar. Is there anything more i need to do ?
Thank you for any suggestions.

Welcome to CDFrreaks Forum, your explanation is vague please clarify what is your exact problem. If you can’t get the DVD Region + Css, free to work as your title of post says then uninstall the program and reinstall it again see if that resolves your problem.