I cant get ANYDVD to work at all



its my first post so please bear with me.

downloaded the latest edition of ANYDVD. This is the first time that it now doesn’t automatically start when switching the pc.

If i click on the desktop icon. the sands just disappear straightaway and the box doesn’t open.

anybody else having the same problem or am i going wrong somewhere, or do i have to wait for a new update before i can get it to work. the fox doesn’t show up in the right hand corner anymore either.



Try http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1672112&postcount=1

Ensure you reboot after installing it.


have been doing. still not happening.

i’d imagine i’d have to wait for another update now…


Uninstall Anydvd. Reboot. Install Anydvd Reboot


What operation system do you have? Window 98 , ME or XP or what?


windows xp


Did you purchase the program? Maybe the trial period expired.


Or do you have another decrypter?


We need more information, did you buy the program or are using the trial? Have you had it for 21 days? Do you have the reg key if you bought it?


Cheers. i bought the program about 6 months ago. all of the sudden its just stopped working, tried uninstalling, rebooting and installing. nothing happening.

I have the reg key on my desktop also.

many thanks chaps.


Well, try when unistalled and it asked if you want to keep registry information, choose NO then reinstall and double click the reg key


sorted now, i hope, working at the moment. used the link in the 2nd reply.

Grazie chaps. :cool:


Thankyou for letting us know you got it sorted, happy burning.:iagree: