I can't get a verification code. Help please

I have been trying to buy DVD2oneX for several days now. I have tried to email the contact info from their web site. I have tried the buy link on their web site three or four time a day with no response. How has everybody been getting a registration number? I have tried with Explorer 5.2.2 and the current Safari 1.0b2 from home. I even tried with a pc at work, but I never get any response for the efforts. Anybody got any help?

Then obviously your email address is not valid, please use another one. I recently answered a question about this issue (most likely yours) and the email bounced.


Well, I have just learned something but still don’t understand it. It was my email address. I used my work email address that has several extra spam filters in front of it and it worked in seconds. Now I am going to have to go back to my ISP and make them come up with some type of excuse why I just wasted two days trying to do a two minute job! Thanks for the information about the bounced email, I hope to find and fix the problem quickly. Byron