I can't find some programs, help!

Hello ppl and happy new Year :smiley:

All I want is to make a protected cd so that some newbies won’t copy it. I’ve searched everywhere for CCD-Lock 1.7.5 and Tzcopy Protection 1.0 Beta11 and didn’t found them!! For CCD-Lock 1.7.5 I can’t download it from the official site (burnarchive if I’m not mistaken). Can someone send them to me here or tell a url that is still active please!

Thanks alot and happy 2003

Also when I’m trying to copy the Tzcopy protected Image to the CD-RW with CDR-Win 3a I get this error “Error: ‘WRITE’ command failed on device 2:0:0 illegal command request (04h 00h 02h 05h 27h 00h)”
Can someone help?

with CD mate this:
“Failed to write pre-gap data!..Message:WRITE PROTECTED”
& I can’t burn ccd-lock protected image with clone cd or alcohol 120%, about the same erros…

From what I’ve read, CCD-Lock is a German software. It’s available at http://www.burnarchive.de/CCD-Lock/, but the website is also in german! :eek:

Before writing to CD-R, I’d recommend testing your copy protection on CD-RWs first. That way you can erase them and reuse them and when you’re happy, use a CD-R. :wink:

Happy new year :slight_smile:

I have sent you a private message with a direct link to CCD-Lock v1.75, but all you have you have to do is use the link seanbyrne posted and look for a “download button.” Things could be worse it could have been an asian site.
Happy New year everyone!