I cant find software that supports my cd recorder



my recorder is an nec nr-7700a and i haven’t been able to locate a burning program that supports it yet. I have tried cdrwin, adeptec, and nero. Anyone have any suggestions.


what fault does the program then give?
Are you sure it’s the prog and not the burner
Check www.cdrsoft.net for all burnprograms there are


or something like that. I think the burner is pretty new. adeptec supports the 7500a but not 7700a which is what i have. I will look at that page.


You might need to patch whatever program you are using…

When I 1st bought my Plexwriter 121032a, the software (Plexmanager) would not even work with it until plextor released a patch, lol …

Try going to the homepage (you referenced Adaptec, however Roxio has taken over EZ cd creator)

I checked www.roxio.com for the NEC nr-7700a, but all they have listed is the 7500a … So you gonna have to wait friend, until they release a patch for it…

Ironic, I checked www.nec.com I couldn’t find either the 7500a or the 7700a…


I guess i kind of figured it out by doing the first thing i should have thought of. I got the latest patch for adaptec easy cd creator and now it works great. On the webpage like you said it lists the 7500a but not 7700a. It works even though it is not posted on the page. I should have tried that before asking for help but thanks anyways.


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