I can't find a good burner anywhere!

OK, first I bought a Lite-On 40125S and it gave me errors on data CD’s. Mind you, only a few, and no data was lost, but when Nero CD Speed shows yellow on a new burn (with Kodak media!), I ditch the drive.

So I returned it and bought the “other” 2 sheep burner. An ASUS CRW-4012A. Well, this puppy can’t seem to produce a decent audio disc. Data is fine. Sure, and it can copy protected games too, but my audio is hit or miss. It’s pretty bad at reading marginal media too.

What am I to do? Is there another choice? I looked at the latest TEAC but it seems to be the same as the ASUS (especially for problem media).

Is there another 2 sheep burner I can try? Hell, I may just say forget it and get a Plextor to add to my tower, but I really don’t need 3 optical drives (I have a DVD Burner too).

What else is there? Used drives or eBay is fine. Just recommend a good one past or present and I’ll hunt it down.


don’t know the sheep rating off the top of my head, but I am very pleased with my liteon 48246S. they are available from www.newegg.com. I burn Princo, Taiyo Yuden and CMC media in it, no errors on any of them.

(I have the drive flashed to 52x, can burn the 48x CMC media at 52x, the 24x Princo media at 48x and the 32x TY at 40x, no errors on any.)

to me the audio sounds really good.