I cant figure it out

:confused: I have ask this problem before but let me explain further.
I have a HP300n Ext. dvd burner and a Sony dru-710a burner.
Iam running Clonedvd2 (ver. and Anydvd (ver
I can backup my dvd’s on the hp burner and they will play on every dvdplayer I have in my home. I can backup on the Sony and the only place they will play is in my comp. and the player on my player living room set(Sony GX300 stand alone rec.). I have burned a backup that was origanally backed up in the Sony to the hp and it will play(using same media) have tried different media,have tried burning in 1x,2.4x,6x,8x, with the same outcome. I do not understand why the backups I burn in the sony will not play in my players but the ones in the HP will. Could anyone give me a reason or solution to this.

Driving me nuts. Thanks for any help on this. (maybe I should get a different burner).

Ok guys I figured it out. Went to -r media and no more problems. Still don’t know why +r will work in the hp.

Err. Yes. It’s because HP everything just plain and simple really really sucks. Yup.

Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about it because you, like everyone else here is going to jail soon ;p :wink:

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lol dewd2 yea i generally get sad when i see so many people getting suckered in the hp machine :frowning:

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