I Can't Even Watch These DVD's!



Can someone please help me with this?

I have brand new DVD’s of:

  1. Wall-E
  2. Drawn Together: The Movie
  3. South Park Season 13

They won’t play in my DVD Drive in my computer!!!

I even tried using a DVD Player software and it refused to play it.

When i go into Dvd Shrink, i click play on the title and the progress bar goes from left to right in about 5 seconds, like their is nothing on there at all.

So i tried to get around it by using Dvd Decrypter and Ripit4me.

The Dvd copied with no errors being reported from those programs but when i go to play them there are bits cut out of the movie.

The gap from one part to the next is like a quick chapter select forward.

This really bummed me out because it wouldn’t copy it perfectly so i can’t watch these Dvd’s.

I gave them to my friend to copy by him using his DVD-Recorder and copying it through his TV and DVD player and everything worked fine, but i know there has to be a way around this crap, i mean, I’m not even trying to copy the movie, all i want to do is watch it.


Sounds like a problem with your optical drive…can’t be a bad pressing, otherwise it would only affect one disc!


No, has nothing to do with the burner.

I have South Park Seasons 1-12 on various regions( 1 and 4) and they all play, including Season 12.

I think whatever copy-protection Season 12 had, Season 13 has but it’s a newer version so it won’t run.


The Drawn Together Movie I found has CSS/CPPM protection ,if this helps.

Since CSS stands for Content Scrambler System, i figure it’s the culprit.


Download & try VLC player. It has it’s own codecs & will play almost anything.