I can't download firmware and omnipatcher:help!




i can’t access the site for downloading. :a i have a liteon 851s and i would like to make it a 832s but i can’t download the firm and the soft, can someone help me, please?

tanks a lot

chicco from italy (florence)


codeguys site must be down try tomorrow, I can’t get in to it either.


All of RPC1 is down. The site, forums, and all of the subsites (including ours, dhc014’s, TDB’s, Herrie’s, and >NIL:'s). I believe that this is only a temporary problem. Won’t be the first time in recent memory that RPC1 has gone down due to some technical hiccup.

Try again later. :slight_smile:


ok,i’ll wait till the site came online again:thanks!



It’s back now.