I can't decide (on what DVD-writer to get)

Ok all…I have read some many reviews on different DVD burners…my head is about explode…I am looking for a new burner…and can’t decide what to get.

This is what I am looking for in a DVD writer:

-Speed is not a concern
-Price is not a concern
-Write Quality MUST be good

I currently have a pioneer 108, the writes are good…but lacks some features.
I am thinking about a plextor PX-716A or the NEC ND-3520A…are these any good?

and whats the difference between the PX-716A and the 740A?

Please help me choose and suggest other brands too

thanks so much!!

go for a plextor 716

740 is a benq 1640 rebadged. And 1640 is a very good burner ( :bigsmile: yes, I have one)

ooops: I forgot: Welcome to the forum

thanks for the welcome…and the info!!!

is there any other drive I should consider?

and wow…if the 740 is a rebadge of the 1640…why do I want the 740?

the 1640 is 59.95 CDN and the 740 is 129.95…holy

Maybe a liteon: there are some tools developed for this drive (eeprom utility and omnipatcher for example). Liteon drives are good also for scans. Also benq are good for scans. Liteon drives (I have two) are a little picky with media, but if you are able to use the tools available, you can modify writing strategy manually to optimize results.

Sorry, no experience with nec and pioneer

I have NEC. Pioneer, LG, Liteon, and BenQ. If I were to choose one it would be the NEC 3520 with the second choice the Liteon 1693. The criteria for my choice is based on the quality of the burn with TY and MCC media.

Wow!! The NEC 3520 has come a long ways then - ie. compared to its early stages when everyone was disappointed how it compared to the 3500. Tell ya what, if it’s that good for chas0039 to endorse it, it’s $$ in the bank. Good luck with your choice. :slight_smile:

If you ask nicely, I’m sure he may even put his quality scan analysis chart back into his sig. Hehe. :slight_smile:

BenQ DW1640 aka Plextor PX740

Sure, here it is in current form. Sorry it’s so big, I can’t seem to shrink it without destroying detail.

The speed numbers below each drive in the last row refer to the max rip speed (thereabouts) for CDs.

Nice list. If it included the Plextor PX716, it would be complete…

Sorry, the only Plextor I have is the Premium.

Review the different scans we have here in the DVD Media forum.

The best scans I have seen thus far, and I am being really picky here have been by the slightly older model of the NEC 3500. It is followed by the NEC 3540 and BenQ already mentioned.

The difference btw the NEC 3500 and the other two are almost trivial but to answer you in which the best is, I observed this drive cuts the cake best. I too was looking for BEST write quality, not price, not support, in my extensive research I settled on my NEC 3500 and I do not regret a day since having it.

Do keep in mind that NEC pretty much sucks at reading while BenQ is at the top.
Search for “CD DAE”

While it is true that the BenQs are “better” than the NECs for reading the NECs still get the job done most of the time.

I have found that the new Liteon 16P9S beats both of them hands down for speed and ability to read bad discs, and is the best $20 I have recently spent.

is the 3540 better than the 3520? Interestingly enough the 3520 is 2 euros more expensive here

@ chas0039:

Thanks for posting your updated chart. I like the added details. :slight_smile:

Btw, what happened with the “NO” for TYG02 8x on the Benq 1620? I remember you mentioning something about questionable scanning on the Benq 1620 for your TYG02, but did this turn out to be bad burns for you? The TYG02’s are so highly regarded by a lot of Benq 1620 users and the scans look very impressive in the Benq 1620 media threads, but I wonder if something from your experience may show there may be some inaccuracies in the scanning of these particular TYG02 media on the Benq 1620? Hmm …

I’ve got a ton of them (well, relatively for me … probably piece-meal compared to the arsenal of media most people here stockpile) and hope I don’t regret having bought them. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind the origin of this chart. I developed it for my own use so I could optimize my own burning with my media and my drives. Also, my standards are different from many other’s. I expect my scans to be not only level and smooth, with peaks no higher than the low 20s, but I also want my total PIF and PIE to be as low as possible. My assumption is that totals will increase over time and I want the best chance for long term readability.

I have had great scans from my BenQ with TYG02 and I have had scans with hills and plateaus and PIF totals above 1000. While these are in no way bad burns, they are not what I see with my other drives and so I choose not to burn these on this drive.

BenQ 1620s are notorious for being very different, one drive from another, so I am certain that there are a lots of BenQ users who get better burns than I do. Also, because I scan almost everything, I probably pick up these variations where others don’t. As well, I am certain my standards are higher than other’s and are way beyond what is reasonable for peace of mind with most burns.

So don’t worry. Burn away. Check your scans and see if they are OK for you.