I cant copy this VCD

Hii, i got VCD of a new movie but its copy protected or laser locked. All datas in the disk are shortcut files and no softwares , such as Nero Express,Daemon tools,isobuster,Imgburner are not copying the disk and telling me that its copy protected. :confused: windows copys just folders and .lnk files only.Those .lnk’s are belongs to main file of disk.When i trys to open those files , the disk plays.if there is no disk , “No Disk” error comes.:eek: There is also a small application in disk to play the disk.Without installing it , disk cant be played.So i installed it.Now what to do.? Its my own disk , but i just want to make a backup of it. So please help me.:bow:

That sounds like a very elaborate copy protection system, and it may be so obscure that the main decryption programs won’t work on it. You can try running AnyDVD or DVDFab Passkey in the background when you try to make an ISO with ImgBurn, but I seriously doubt it will help.

With more obscure protection schemes like this, your best bet is probably using a program that copies as the original disc is played. Programs like Action! or Tunebite should be able to make decent copy, though it may not be quite as good picture quality as the original.

There are really some Cds that can’t be ripped. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=lucasicatalan;2689120]There are really some Cds that can’t be ripped. :)[/QUOTE]

That is so general is provides little useful info to anyone reading? And what do you mean ripped? To what format or what ripping format are you going to? Also this is related to VCD not CD so we should stay with what the OP is talking about first.