I can't copy my Chaos theory dvd

Hi guys,
i’m new in this forum and i need your help.I have os Windows XP sp2 Pro and i had tried all the thinks and stuff which i found in another thread about Starforce3.I had tried first made an image with A120%,that’s OK.Later i had download the SFCURE1.0h and the SFNightmare1.12,i follow the instuctions as they said but my image doesn’t work.Can you please tell me what i’m doing wrong?Someone says that install the sfcure but i didn’t find something to install it in zip file.I think the problem is with sfcure and if someone knows the right steps to run the DVD image of my Chaos Theory please answered.Thanks a lot.

ps: i can’t download the complete offline guide for copying.Why?Is the link broken?Can someone knows working link?

If you haven´t done that before: Install the official SCCT update patch 1.00-1.04 and try again. To install sfcure follow the included instructions. U can check if u run !start.bat again (message: service already started).

Thanks Vaira,
i"ll tried this and i"ll tell you the results.

I was tried but nothing happens,any sugestions?

I don´t know exactly what your problem might be…
check this:

It´s a bit tricky, I know. :slight_smile:
btw: SFR is a prog to make sfcure more comfortable, but you don´t need it realy to get SCCT to work. (just run !start.bat and check if sfcure service is running)

I can’t read this tutorial it said that i didn’t have the premision.

Vaira please can you sent me what exactly, step by step from the begining,you made to run from the image the SCCT?Thanks.

Hmm, this tutorial is free (works for me), maybe u are blocking coockies (commercial) try to allow them. This tut. should work for you. U can try Win2k3NodeDisabler instead of SFN.
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