I cant copy my cd! :(



hi. i have a cd im trying to copy and it has copy protection on it. it says on the cd “will not play in computers and some car audio systems” its one of thoes promotinal cds that are “not for sale for promotinal use only” and im just trying to make a copy of it so i can play it in my computer. but when i use clone cd, and i have the latest version, the copied cd wont even play in a regular cd player. it says “disc not finalised”. so i put it in the computer to finalize it and it dosent recognise the disc at all. it just makes weird noises. AHHH!! please help.


try downloading anydvd, it removes digital cd protection. Im not sure if this will do it but its worth a go :wink:


i downloaded it. it still wont copy. i mean theres stuff on the cd, but whever format its in nothing can read it. … :frowning: maybe i will try some other program… ?


does the disk make noises when you put in the original disk? It could be that it is warped and is misreading data…


I guess your drive in your pc recognizes the disc, for these kind of protections you’ll need sometimes also a drive which could rip it. You can still try alcohol120. Just create an image and burn.


i downloaded alcahol 120 and it wont do it. it dosent even try. when i press start it says file dumping error or something. the disc is recognised i think. both alcohol and clonecd see the disc after some time and see that tehre are 14 tracks and stuff but after that i duno what happens but it just goes downhill from there… what kind of copy protection is this? its so stupid. i own the cd i just wanna play it on my computer.put it on my mp3 player. ahhh!


What cd is this you’re having problems with?
Have you checked your computer for a rootkit or other DRM software?


what is a rootkit and a DRM? how do i find it? the cd is tatu, dangerous and moving


Try ripping it to your hd with windows media player first, then burn the output files


i cant beacause the computer dosent recognise that there is a cd in the cd drive, only clonecd sees it. but it dosent work. :frowning:


… but it must, as clonecd retrieves information from the burner