I cant copy dvd :S

so yeah ive been trying to burn the pirates of the caribbean 2…
and it doesnt work…
im using DVD shrink and then supposedly burning it with dvd decrypter but it doesnt get to that point… it stays loading for a while and this it throws me an error message that says…

DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.

Failed to read file "E:\"

Data Error (cyclic redundancy check).

Hello thenewnewbie
The movie that you are trying to backup has new copyright protection on it you can make a backup copy of it with DVDFab Decrypter (it’s Free) you can download it from the link below
BTY I assume you have paid for this movie RIGHT !!

DVDFab Decrypter will copy it to you hard drive and then use what ever burning software you use, to backup to a DVD