I cant copy a cd on to linux using plextools pro xl



i am using plextools pro xl 3.00 under windows and i have a linux box connected on the network. i have 19Gb free but plextools will not make a copy to the linux drive as it says there is not enough space.

now i know that the network maybe mis-reporting the free space but if plextools had an option to ignore the error i’d be okay.

i think plextools pro xl 3.0 is a piece of shit. :a

you should only buy it if you are a sadist (like me) :slight_smile:

ARGGGGGGG!!! i tried to make an iso image on the windows box and i got this error

“iso images can only be created if the source disc contains one data track. do you want to crate a plextor image file instead”

i want the images to be mountable because i have ordered an ipod for my wife’s birthday and i am getting all her cds on to the computer secretly. i will then mount the images and transfer to the ipod when it arrives.

can anybody suggest a good way to do it?

i think i’ve got it. i’m using cdrwin and it’s making bin and cue files.
i’m not sure how to get the best quality though. :sad: